Safety & Quality with tradition

H. Anger's Söhne - Drilling and well construction company - since 1863



Drilling for water and natural resources are the two principal disciplines of drilling technology, but the specialist expertise is seldom found in one company, let alone with the degree of experience and knowledge of HAS.

150 years ago it was all about the supply of the water. Back then H Anger’s Söhne was established for the construction of water wells and the supply and installation of pumps. Today, however, its competences are much more varied than at that time. Whether it be water, geothermal heat or natural resources, deep or close to the surface, the Company has the right solution for each drilling project.

In other words:

  • Shallow drilling:

    for various purposes incl. for water up to 1000 m deep;
  • Natural resources:

    deep drillings up to 7000 m

H Anger’s Söhne drills successfully in both depth ranges and carries out associated service works. This includes the construction and maintenance of water supply wells, mineral exploration and drilling for the exploration of reservoirs of oil and gas as well as the exploitation of renewable geothermal energy.

Every day, HAS is striving to achieve the best result possible for each and every client. This is possible only by using modern, well maintained drilling rigs and associated equipment and by having responsible, safety-conscious employees for the Company’s operations both at home and abroad, even when being confronted with the most difficult conditions.

“We are not only good with water, but with oil as well! This is what distinguishes us, this is what we take pride in.” Waldemar Müller-Ruhe, shareholder H Anger’s Söhne