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Every structure is subject to the phenomena of deterioration and of wear and tear in the course of the years and well construction is no exception here. Regeneration and refurbishment processes help to preserve the value of your well on a long-term basis.

Since the formation of the company in 1863, the construction of wells has been one of the core competences of H Anger’s Söhne. In order to maintain a well’s original productivity in the long run, however, it is of utmost importance to maintain and treat it regularly. Only thus can durability and sustainability be ensured and investments secured for a long time. Consequently, regeneration and refurbishment have as long a tradition at Anger’s as does well construction itself. The field “Well regeneration and refurbishment” helps clients to guarantee the working order and performance of their wells on a long-term basis.

Whether the well is affected by sand encroachment, mineral deposits, bacterial presence or scaling or whether it is corrosion that is the problem or any other cause: our experienced specialists will detect the problem area of the well with the help of traditional methods of analysis as well as latest examination methods like, for example, the use of video cameras (“Well-TV”). Due to long-term services on wells and continuous documentation of maintenance protocols, our technicians are able to detect and repair declines of productive efficiency of a well in good time.

If it proves to be impossible to restore the decrease in power, stability losses or problems of density via regeneration processes, the only way to preserve the well is to refurbish it.

The best possible method of regeneration or refurbishment is selected according to the results of the examinations and the specific conditions of the well, e.g.:

  • Regeneration

  • mechanical brushing

  • hydro mechanical cleaning

  • swabbing

  • ultrasound cleaning

  • chemical cleaning

  • Refurbishment

  • repair pull-out casing

  • insertion casing

  • drill out

  • wash over

  • displacement

Reduced production volume or failure of the well signify not only acute supply problems, but also financial charges and losses. The time- and money-saving carrying out of regeneration and refurbishment works is made possible by the use of special HAS regeneration units. Furthermore, these units are supported by the company’s own pump workshop, which is able to offer fast repairs or the rapid replacement of almost every model and power stage ranging from underwater pumps to centrifugal pumps.