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Water levels and qualities are subject to natural fluctuations. The construction of a well can alter the groundwater level, too. Groundwater monitoring sites are installed for a regular check of these factors.

Furthermore, changing seasons can lead to a fluctuation of groundwater levels. It can also happen that several wells are drilled in close proximity to one another which again may lead to groundwater lowering. Apart from levels, the quality of an aquifer is also a very important aspect to keep an eye on: it may never be influenced, disturbed or damaged by external circumstances like e.g. disposal sites in the area.

In order to keep a close eye on all of these factors, HAS has been building so-called groundwater monitoring sites for decades. These are in fact small wells that normally have diameters of only about 200 mm. Through these little holes, pressure sensors can be lowered for example, which use a transmitter to pass on the information about water levels directly to a logging centre. Depending on geology and character of the aquifer, Anger’s builds these groundwater monitoring sites from five meter to several hundred meters of depth.

In case various samples are requested und larger samplers become necessary, groundwater monitoring sites can have larger diameters, too. In the past, measurements of water levels were carried out manually using water level indicators.