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Exploration and Development of Reservoirs

Natural resources

Wells up to 7000 m


Both for the development and later use (ie production) of hydrocarbon resources, as well as for the exploration of possible places for storage of gas, CO2 or even radioactive residual materials, various drilling methods can be applied. H Anger’s Söhne has the most suitable drilling method for every one of these tasks.

Natural resources include both mineral resources, such as coal, ores, salts and rare earths, as well as energy resources such as oil and gas. It would be impossible to explore or produce such resources without drilling. At the same time, wells are also required for site investigation for various purposes, such as a temporary storage of gas, even the permanent storage of CO2, or the ultimate geological disposal of radioactive waste.

H Anger’s Söhne can look back on many years of experience in the planning and successful execution of various projects in this field.

  • Access to resources, such as fossil energy sources, rare earths and salts
  • Exploration drilling for gas-bearing structures (e.g. tight gas or shale gas)
  • Exploration of underground gas storages, eg for an interim storage in summer
  • Investigation for suitable locations for the ultimate storage of CO2

For the site investigation of caverns or of depleted reservoir storage facilities as well as for investigations for natural resources, different drilling methods can be applied. However, wireline coring is the most common one in regard to these tasks. Based on the respective requirements and local conditions, H Anger’s Söhne selects one of the following drilling technologies during the planning stage:

  • Wireline coring
  • Directional drilling
  • Casing Drilling
  • Underbalanced Drilling

These drilling operations are accompanied by all necessary preparatory, supplementary and follow-up works in order to achieve successful, economical and safe results. These complementary works also offered by HAS include: