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Storage and Workover

Natural resources

Wells up to 7000 m


Storage and workover operations are handled by our Company’s deep drilling department. Drilling is essential for the underground storage of oil and gas. Also, these wells have to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.


Anger Snubbing Einheit

HAS Snubbing Unit

Underground storage facilities are used to store oil and gas making it possible to balance out political, economic or weather-related fluctuations in production. Storage facilities like these are kept by business enterprises or even by the Federal Republic itself in order to guarantee the energy supply of the population at all times.

Therefore, there is either the possibility of constructing underground caverns in evaporate deposits by leaching, ie cavities created with the help of drilling, or by the use of natural porous reservoirs, ie existing geological formations with storage properties. Oil and gas can be stored in these caverns and can, when required, be supplied to the market again.


Every production well (for either gas, oil or water) is subject to the phenomena of deterioration and of wear and tear in the course of the years, which can result in a decline of its original productive efficiency. Regeneration and workover procedures help to avoid or at least reduce such a decline.

In order to remove solid, adherent material from the borehole wall, mechanical scrapers are run in into the well. Alternatively, the well can be treated with rinsing solutions that clean filters, perforations and, if required, the gravel pack behind the casing.

In this way, the original flow rates can be restored almost entirely. Whether it be high-pressure jet-cleaning nozzles with rotating waterjet technology or pulse method – Anger’s has the appropriate cleaning devices and methods for each individual case to accomplish the best results possible.