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Geothermal Heat and Energy

Natural resources

Wells up to 7000 m


Deep geothermal energy is used for the production of heat and electricity. Wells have been drilled by HAS up to 7000 m deep.

Rising energy costs and the limited availability of fossil energy sources contribute to the fact that renewable energies become more and more important these days. Another significant factor is the rising awareness of people with regard to environmental protection and the protection of resources. Furthermore, the decentralisation of networks of district heating is a subject of a growing importance. One of the solutions for these challenges is the use of geothermal heat.

Anger’s drilling technologies make it possible to access this renewable energy source, with drilling depths of up to 7000 m. Depending on the respective conditions, the following drilling methods are used:

  • Rotary drilling
  • Conventional coring
  • Wireline coring
  • Airlift drilling

Occupational safety, environmental protection and emission prevention are of utmost importance in every drilling project. This makes it possible to deploy even the largest rigs in immediate vicinity of housing, like for example the Innova Rig during the project GeneSys in Hannover. Furthermore, Anger is certified within the framework of the management system SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) by Germanischer Lloyd and stands out due to a high technical qualification of its personnel as well as the fulfilment of high safety standards.

Production pump tests and cooling towers

In geothermal deep drilling, airlift pumping tests are conducted in order to analyse and evaluate the yield of aquifers. Furthermore, these tests are applied to clean the completed geothermal well in the best possible manner.

The planning and execution of such pump tests requires not only the technical devices, but also the expertise and qualifications of an experienced drilling company. With its equipment and high technical competency, H Anger’s Söhne has successfully completed a number of geothermal projects in the past years. For example, we were able to lift solids from a geothermal well at a depth of approximately 3400 m using the airlift method, successfully restoring and guaranteeing the flow paths of that particular well.

Sometimes hot geothermal water needs to be cooled down. Therefore, HAS can rely on self-developed cooling towers which are able to cool down water from 85° C to 35°C, with a production rate of 133 m³/hr. Subsequently, the water can be either stored in another pond, or it can be discharged directly into the sewage system.