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We focus on ecological sustainability when choosing our technology

28. December 2020

Anger focuses on ecological sustainability - high efficiency thanks to new regeneration equipment

We present our new MKG telescopic crane HMK 350T a2.

Our first regeneration device, which is equipped with an electrical unit and thus enables us to work with low emissions. The crane has a maximum reach of 16m. The maximum load capacity is 10,000kg. The HMK 350T a2 is controlled by radio with integrated feedback, several LED work lights enable safe working even in the dark. The crane also has a 12,500kg rope block and two high-speed rope winches. The winches have pulling forces of 5,500kg and 1,150kg.

Already in 2019, we enhanced our regeneration unit with the MKG telescopic crane HMK 550 Ta2.

The crane has a maximum reach of 18.5m and a hook height of a maximum of 21m. The maximum load capacity is 12,500kg. It is equipped with a 12,500kg (3-cord) rope bottle and two rope winches. The winches have tensile forces of 5,000kg and 1,000kg. In addition, the vehicle has an extendable rear support beam and a hydraulically extendable counterweight. One of the biggest pluses and very beneficial for it’s functionality is the crane's portable radio remote control. Thanks to the sensitive and very precise control, loads can be moved with millimeter precision.

The other core items are the regeneration trailers, which are specially equipped for regeneration needs, with which the respective regeneration tasks, pump changes or special renovation measures for the most frequently used expansion diameters can be accomplished. Due to the possibility of a variably adjustable ground clearance of the trailer, locations can also be approached which place high demands on the off-road mobility of the technology.