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Successful drilling for geothermal energy in Munich Freiham

1. October 2015

H. Anger’s Söhne drilling geothermal doublet for Stadtwerke München.

End of September 2015 H. Anger’s Söhne launched a geothermal project together with the Stadtwerke München in Freiham in the west of Munich. At a depth of more than 2.300 meters a huge hot water resource has been located which already as from 2016 is scheduled to be deployed for stoking the district Freiham with natural heat.

We are glad that our HAS Innova Rig is used in Freiham. Because it has been developed especially for the drilling of geothermal projects in an urban environment. It meets the highest standards especially in the field of environmental protection, with mainly its optimized noise protection must be mentioned. But also in the fields of occupational safety and drilling quality this modern plant sets new standards.
(Uwe Schindler, CEO H. Anger’s Söhne)

With the plant Freiham and the adjacent neighborhoods are heated environmentally friendly and a saving of up to 22,500 tons of carbon dioxide annually will be achieved. A completion and first supply of geothermal energy into the district heating network is planned for the heating season 2016/2017.

Film clip: “Geothermal drilling Munich Freiham”: