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HAS B4 is a robust and automotive drilling rig. Due to additional units this rig can be used for a variety of tasks. Consequently, Anger’s employs this rig for several drilling techniques such as flush drilling, air-lift procedures and core drilling. But it is not only this variability that enables our clients to plan their projects under best conditions: also the rig’s integral on-the-job safety and protection against noise and explosions as well as its high torques make it perfectly fit for the respective task. Since this drilling rig has a smallest casing diameter of 4 in – 4 ¾ in it can be used for drillings of up to 2200 m, which makes it possible to use HAS B4 for reservoir exploration wells, for example.

Technical Data

Manufacturer Wirth
Hook load 600 kN
Rated hook load 500 kN
Top drive 600 kN
Special features Protection against noise and explosions, BOP
Mud pumps 1x 600 kW Duplex 6 ¼ in x 8 in

Depths and diameters

2200 m 4 in – 4 ¾ in wireline coring diameter
1500 m 6 ¼ in wireline coring diameter
1000 m 8 ½ in drilling diameter
700 m 12 ¼ in drilling diameter
500 m 17 ½ in drilling diameter
450 m 558 mm casing diameter


Staniszow (Poland), thermal water 2013 1600 m
Volkenroda (Germany), abandoned mine management 2012 1014 m
Sofia (Bulgaria), drinking water 2011 740 m