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HAS ZA 417/5

HAS ZA 417/5

The ZA 417/5 is a work-over winch and service plant. It is employed for the working-over of oil, gas and geothermal wells. In recent years, Anger’s has used this plant predominantly for the treatment of probes and for the pulling and re-running-in of pumps.

Technical data

Manufacturer SMG
Exceptional hook load 1200 kN
Rated hook load 900 kN
Height 34.0 m
Rotary drive Rotary table
Special features Protection against noise and explosions
Mud pumps 2x 600 kW, IDECO MM700 and T800

Depths and diameters

3500 m 27/8 in tubing string
2500 m 6 ¼ in wireline core-diameter
2500 m 8 ½ in drilling diameter
1800 m 12 ¼ in drilling diameter
1000 m 17 ½ in drilling diameter
600 m 600 mm air-lift diameter


Bad Wörishofen (Germany), thermal water 2005 2603 m
Unterhachingen (Germany), workover of well 2006 up to 3400 m
Glantal (Germany) 2006 3400 m
Erding (Germany) 2008 2219 m
Schweinrich (Germany), exploration well for a natural gas storage 2009 1600 m