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By adding this modern horizontal drilling machine to its fleet, Anger’s has adopted a pioneering role and has opened a door to a completely new field of tasks. This machine stands out due to technological innovations as well as innovations relevant for the occupational safety of the staff working on it. The latter manifests itself in the fact that works do not have to be carried out under suspended load anymore. This is the case because the machine is set up in a shaft from where it works its way horizontally into different directions underground. Furthermore, safety is provided by a solely water hydraulic drive. This, at the same time, guarantees the protection of sensible ecological balances in the immediate surroundings of aquifers, given that no oil-based hydraulic components are used. All these characteristics of the horizontal drilling technique employed distinguish HAS and their machine from other technologies that are being applied elsewhere at home and abroad.

Technical data

Manufacturer HAS
Device designation Horizontal drilling machine
Power 1500 kN at 160 bar
Casing diameter 464 mm/ 420 mm (Da/ Di)
Shaft diameter min. 2500 mm;
Standard: 2800 mm;
bigger diameters possible;
Special features Water-based hydraulic, pneumatic, portal crane


Munic (Germany) 2012 / 13 Length of strings: 3 m; casing diameter: 464 mm/ 420 mm (Da/ Di)
Oberhausen (Germany) Work in progress