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HAS UH 4/45

HAS UH 4/45

The UH 4/ 45s are the newest drilling rigs of our company. They are state-of-the-art technology. Being very powerful and modularly expandable, these rigs can be used for various drilling tasks, for which they can be complemented by compressors and mud pumps. Like any of the larger drilling rigs, UH 4/ 45s are equipped with a truck with service crane, which, as the so-called “helping hand”, facilitates the run-in of pipes. Apart from that, these rigs have jib crane on their masts.

Technical Data

Manufacturer E + M Brunnenbau und Bohrtechnik GmbH
Hook load 48 t
Rated hook load 48 t
Exceptional hoisting load 72 t
Top drive 30.000 Nm
Special features Noise protection, directional drilling possible, wireline winch

Depths and Diameters

1200 m 6 ¼ in wireline coring diameter
1000 m 8 ½ in drilling diameter
800 m 12 ¼ in drilling diameter
600 m 17 ½ in drilling diameter
350 m 558 mm casing diameter


Finsterbergen (Germany), refurbishment 2010 600 m
Kassel (Germany), refurbishment 2010 83 m
Brohl (Germany), test drilling and main drilling for mineral water 2011 200 m
Borsch (Germany), groundwater monitoring installations 2011 750 m
Bad Brambach (Germany), mineral water 320 m
Zwickau (Germany): project continues 2012/2013